Sunday, April 8

Sun King Ryoriya

Sun King Ryoriya
11 Unity Street
#01-14/15 Robertson walk
( just beside a pub, near the fountain )

Decor and interior is relaxing... High ceilings and just nice lightings

I'm quite surprised by this restaurant as they serve Taiwanese cuisine, with Japanese style cooking!

The thin slice pork, must try! Very fresh and appetizing !
The dumplings and gyoza are my personnel favorites! Very tasty and juicy!

NATO omelette and salt flak chicken!

I can assure you the food is delicious and a must try for once!!
It's a popular favourite for the local Japanese people!

( You might wanna ask them to less salt for ur dishes.... )

Thursday, March 22

Tom Yam Kung fu

Tom Yam Kung Fu Restuarant and Steamboat
16 Circular Road
Wonderful place to have lunch and dinner with friends
It has ala carte Thai dishes and most importantly, the steamboat bbq, that is unique and with the best meat u can find!!!

There is indoors and outdoor seats availiable but of coz both ways, be prepared to have ur clothes and all, smell of the usual steamboat BBQ

If u order the steamboat BBQ, u have abt 4 sets to chose from.. Depending on how many people u have sharing

The meat is fantastic! Very well marinated and I personally had 2 orders of it along with my 2 friends! It comes with meat, prawns, scallop pork belly and fish cakes. Make use of pork fats to BBQ the items.

It comes in clear chicken soup base, turns to Tom yam if u order the noodles ( famous Tom yam instant noodles in Thailand ) , crush them to smaller pieces and put into the soup.. Yum!!

It's a great place for steamboat BBQ along boat quay and portions are just nice for everyone! They even have the coca cola in glass bottles! Very affordable, must try!!!

Saturday, March 17


Tea and desert at TWG Marina Bay Sands, the Shoppes
Quiet and a good location for a afternoon tea and meetings.

Different countries of tea available, u can also ask the friendly staff for good recommendations!

Deserts are fantastic!
Selections are wide and many to choice from!

Saturday, March 10

Bar bar black sheep

Bar bar black sheep
along Singapore river
55 Boat Quay
Went there for a early dinner before drinks...
There's outdoors and indoor tables available
Sitting outdoors is nice as u can watch the people walking by and the river view and also see the cityscapes of Marina Bay Sands and other nearby office buildings

I thought it was a Indian restaurant ( which my friend mentioned I thought )
Turns out, they have a variety of food... Like western Indian and abit of Asian...
Huge portion really for the battered fish and chips I ordered.. Nice!
Interesting! Furthermore, u have to really try these French beer they have... It is so much smoother then Hoegarden!

Tuesday, January 31

Thursday, January 26

Marina Barrage

Take a train and stop at Marina bay station.
Exit to the bus stop ( old bus stop with bus service 400 )
There is a feeder bus or SBS buses ( chargeable ) to Marina Barrage.

Great place to fly kites, hang out with friends and to bring your pets there for walks :)

Able to view the Singapore Flyer, on the left and Marina bay Sands on the right